About Us


Brand Tech Visionaries was established in 2013. Our philosophy of “freeing technology” drives our vision of providing technology products that we believe will make tomorrow better.

Our Philosophy

Remember the saying “the best things in life are free”. Well they are! – not free in that they cost no money, but free in that they have less or no restrictions. The idea of “freeing technology” is to not have it controlled by proprietorship, monopolistic business practises and those only seeking profits. Gadgets and electronic devices will cost money, but the devices and platforms should be flexible enough to allow for many different ways of working, user customization and not be locked into restricted business models or philosophies. Technology is meant to be free for all and its ultimate purpose is not about profits, it’s about making communications faster, showcasing family memories, lives easier, more fun and just better!

Our Vision

Our vision speaks to this business philosophy, in that it aims to make tomorrow better for all. How do we intend on doing this? By offering technological products and gadgets that we believe will meet our vision, provide opportunities for future generations, while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible.

We believe that there is a gap in the existing technology market, in terms of providing consumers with cutting-edge yet affordable products. Brand Tech Visionaries aims to fill this void and become a trusted source of new technologies.

Our Promise

We promise to constantly strive to introduce new, class-leading and innovative technological products that meet our vision for a better tomorrow.

Our online store fulfils our visionary mandate by allowing anyone to obtain our products, anywhere and anytime.

Brand Tech Visionaries – Our vision for a better tomorrow