Delivery and Return of Goods Policy

  1. Deliveries and collections
    1. Deliveries will be restricted to within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa, at main centres and collection points.
    2. Customers in areas deemed rural or outlying will be charged a flat rate for delivery.
    3. Customers are responsible to track their orders with the company’s courier services.
    4. The customer must provide the company with a valid delivery address and choose the correct delivery address and method during the checkout process.
    5. The company is not responsible for late deliveries.
    6. The customer must contact the company, in the event that the product was not received.
    7. Proof of deliveries will be retained by the company
    8. Customers accepting delivery of items and who do not initially inspect the goods, waiver their right to return the goods using 2.1.2 of this document.
    9. Customers have six months from date of stated delivery, to report any non-delivery or product fault, after which any proof of delivery will no longer be required to be retained.
  2. Returns and Refunds policy
    1. Products may be returned under the following four conditions:
      1. Any product purchased as a result of direct marketing, can be returned within seven days of receiving the goods (the cooling-off period), can be
        1. Returned
        2. Customers can cancel the entire contract without penalty
        3. Customer can receive a full refund
        4. The customer is liable for the costs of returning any product
      2. Goods which have not been seen before purchase. Under the condition of an ‘on delivery’ inspection of goods, where a customer receives goods that do not meet the ‘type’ and ‘quality’ one could reasonably expect from the agreement, where goods do not reasonably conform to the specifications of the order or are the incorrect goods, they may:
        1. Refuse delivery of the goods
        2. Receive a full refund
        3. The customer can cancel without penalty
        4. The company is liable for the costs of returning the goods
      3. Goods do not meet particular purpose. If a customer informs the company that the goods are being bought to fulfil a particular purpose and the company representative advises that the goods will meet this particular purpose then, ten days after receiving the goods,
        1. The customer can return goods if it is not suitable for the particular purpose
        2. The customer can cancel without penalty
        3. The company will be liable for the costs of returning the goods
        4. The customer is not allowed to return goods marked non-returnable or have been partially or entirely disassembled, altered, added or combined with other goods or property.
      4. Implied Warranty of quality
        1. If a customer finds the goods received;
          1. Are not reasonably suitable for the purpose that they are intended to be used for,
          2. Are not of good quality, free of defects and in good working order and
          3. Not durable and usable for a reasonable period of time
        2. Under these conditions and up to six months after receiving the goods, the following options are available to the customer:
          1. The customer can return the goods
          2. Get the goods replaced
          3. Get the goods repaired
          4. The customer can do any of these things without penalty and at the company’s cost.
    2. Certain items are non-returnable and these will be clearly displayed alongside product information on the company website. The customer must contact the company if unsure whether any product is returnable.
    3. Products that customers want replaced or repaired will be investigated for defects and a technical report will be communicated forthwith.
    4. In the event that the products received are not the products that were ordered, the customer must inform the company within 48 hours of delivery.
    5. Customers must be aware of any compatibility requirements when purchasing electronic hardware or software from the company’s website.
    6. When returning goods to the company, customers must use the product’s original packaging.
    7. Customers returning items must repackage the products carefully in order to avoid damage in transit.
    8. Returned products must be in mint condition and in original packaging.
    9. A reasonable handling fee on returned products may apply, where the customer is liable for returning the goods.
    10. Customers must complete the online product returns form available on the company website when returning products. Customers must tick one of the following boxes when returning a product,  – refund, replace or repair
    11. If there is a problem with a repaired product within 3 months of repair, the company will replace or refund the customer.
    12. The company reserves the right to investigate any refund claims, once products have been fully inspected.
    13. Full refund of the purchase price will be made 30 days after the cancellation.
    14. A refund may take the form of cash or a website coupon.